NZ Mobiles provides a scalable enterprise cloud-based integrated communications service at a better rate for your business!

Get the latest communications technology, ready for the future. We’ll help you with all aspects of voice communications. We’ll also integrate your system in to a perfect match to your business to meet the demands of a modern business network.

Voice and Business Phone Plans Solutions

We provide services able to deliver local and national phone services at excellent prices. We’ll provide you with an integrated custom service to meet your business needs.
NZ Mobile business plans make it easy to get top quality services tailored to your business needs with a better cost structure built in. Use our 2degrees’ plans, or select a range of services and get all your voice and phone assets on a single bill.

SIP Trunking

As your 2degrees agency we can also offer you superior 2degrees SIP trunking services. You can use SIP trunking to integrate your voice, data and internet services over an IP connection using an existing IP-PBX.
Integrated access upgrades improves and simplifies your communications.
Integration streamlines and adds capabilities within your communications and data systems network. This fully scalable system works well for local businesses with 10 or more phone lines and can be customised to meet your operational requirements.
For larger organisations, it can improve functionality and cost efficiencies throughout larger communications networks.


We provide a complete range of mobile plans and business data plans for your communications services, including office and smart phones, dedicated email, messaging, voicemail, and so much more.
Our advanced systems provide a fully unified cloud-based suite of services at a highly competitive cost to add extra dollar value to your new, superior communications network.

Ask Us about Your Voice and Communications Choices

For expert help and guidance with your voice systems and communications network options, talk to our experts. Ask us for any guidance, advice, or technical help you require and we’ll give you the perfect business solution. Call us on Free Phone: 0800 NZMOBILES (696 624) or contact us online for friendly service.
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