NZ Mobile plans offer a complete spectrum of solutions for all your business needs. Our nationwide experts can provide all the help you need to achieve excellent business efficiencies with global standard integrated or separate cloud, business data plans, data phone plans, VoIP and 2degrees mobile plans. We also have business phone and internet packages, custom tailored for your needs.


Give your business the very latest voice and VoIP integrated services with our wide selection of business phone packages and integration features. Choose your package, built to scale for your business and designed to deliver all the voice services you need.
Upgrade your system or get a whole new modern system that’s perfect for all the services you need. Integrate with our advanced business phone packages to create a flexible, ultra-practical solution.


Our managed data phone plans and data services are designed for high efficiencies, complete with nationwide 24/7 support.
Our massive 100Gbps capacity and super-fast fibre connections are ideal for all types of businesses with high data needs. You can plan your data services with us to suit your scale and range of operational requirements.


NZ Mobiles cloud services include a full range of options. We connect with local and global cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services with 2degrees Cloud Connect.
Improve the efficiency, performance, and bandwidth of your cloud choices with a private cloud environment delivering high reliability and scalable capacity as required.


We offer a full spectrum of mobile services. We provide dependable nationwide coverage in conjunction with 24/7 support, expert help with any services you need, and much more.
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