Group Text

is a product that allows users to send text messages to their existing customers, potential customers, or employees any notification via SMS. It is a tool to send text messages in bulk that can contain important information like appointment reminders, delivery updates, staff notifications, and even service disruption details.

Who is it for?

Group Text is for any customer that needs to send multiple text messages for their business. This will let them engage with their customers and connect with their staff easily. They can use Group Text to let customers know their orders are ready for click and collect, to confirm delivery of packages, to remind them of their appointments or to simply let their customers know about new offers and products. The product is scalable to fit a small individual hairdresser to a large DHB customer. It works for any business that has time-sensitive communications requirements as 90% of text messages are read in under 3 minutes meaning this product is flexible to accommodate ever-changing Business needs.

Key benefits

  • Group Texts can be sent via the web portal, Email-2-SMS or API integration depending on user preference.
  • Short trackable links are available as a feature, we are removing a step for customers who seek out an alternative platform to shorten their URLs.
  • With an SMS limit of only 160 characters, it is perfect for customers who want to maximise their character count by shortening their URLs.
  • It is a service that can be set up in less than 48 hours and reaches 100% of customers with a 90% response rate.
  • Keeps costs down with a cost-effective plan which is scalable as the business grows.
  • Drives efficiency by communicating more effectively with your staff, customers, and suppliers and getting an instant response. You can also view detailed reporting on usage.
  • Increases Sales revenue as SMS has proven to be an effective way to engage directly with customers.
  • *Fair use policy applies.
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